What is Alopecia?

alopeciaAlopecia can be defined as the loss of human hair from the body. Loss of hair can be the cause of great concern to a patient for psychological and cosmetic reasons. It can also be a symptom of a systemic disease.

Pathophysiology Growth cycle of hair: The growth of human hair is in cycles, and each cycle usually consists of an anagen (long growing phase), a catagen (transitional apoptotic phase), and a telogen (short resting phase). At the end of the telogen, hair falls out, and new hair will start growing, starting the cycle again.

Classification This condition can be classified as diffuse or focal, and by the absence or presence of scarring.

Scarring Alopecia is usually a result of destruction of hair follicles, when they are damaged beyond repair and then replaced by fibrotic tissues. Many hair disorders show a pattern in which the non-scarring Alopecia develops early a course of a disease, and thereafter scarring alopecia loss of hair permanently occurs as the disease continues to progress. Scarring Alopecia can further be divided into basic/primary forms, where inflammation occurs in the hair follicle, and secondary/advanced forms, where the hair follicle is destroyed, usually resulting from non-specific inflammation.

Causes of Alopecia

1. Non-scarring diffuse loss of hair



  • Anagen effluvium(result of agents that disrupt/impair anagen cycle)
  • Radiation(results in scarring loss of focal hair) Poisoning(arsenic, thallium and other metals) Chemotherapeutic agents
  • Androgenetic alopecia(female pattern or male pattern loss of hair)
  • Pathologic hyperandrogenism , Androgens (dihydrotestosterone) ,Familial
  • Congenital disorders
  • Ectodermal dysplasia ,Congenital atrichia
  • Abnormalities in Primary hair shaft
  • Overuse of hair dryers,Easy breaking of hair, Loose (anagen) hair syndrome ,Genetic disorders
  • Telogen effluvium (increased rate of hair going into resting phase)
  • Physiologic stress( pregnancy, systemic/febrile illness, surgery, Drugs(excess Vitamin A, anticoagulants, retinoids, anticonvulsants, oral contraceptives, antithyroid drugs, ACE inhibitors) Nutritional deficiencies (iron , zinc, or biotin deficiency) Endocrine problems (menopause, postpartum, or hyperthyroidism)

2. Non-scarring loss of focal hair



  • Alopecia areata
  • Alopecia universalis (affecting the entire body/scalp) Patchy loss of the hair on the scalp, Alopecia totalis (affecting the entire scalp)
  • Other
  • Temporal triangular alopecia ,Loss of hair as a result of compulsive pulling, or teasing or twisting ,Secondary syphilis ,Lipedematous alopecia ,Abnormal primary hair shaft , Pressure induced alopecia
  • Tinea capitis
  • Trichophyton tonsurans , Microsporum audouinii ,Trichophyton schoenleinii
  • Traction alopecia
  • Traction as a result of ponytails, braids or rollers

3. Scarring loss of hair (diffuse or focal)



  • Secondary scarring alopecias
  • Superinfected kerion ,burns, skin cancer, morphea, Sarcoidosis, Progressive systemic sclerosis, Radiation therapy
  • Acne keloidalis nuchae
  • Folliculitis on occipital scalp, resulting in scarring alopecia
  • Lichen planopilaris
  • Follicular hyperkeratosis, perifollicular erythema
  • Central centrifugal (cicatricial alopecia)
  • scarring alopecia on crown or the vertex of scalp
  • Dissecting cellulitis of scalp
  • Inflammatory nodules coalescing with the sinus tract formation
  • Chronic cutaneous lupus
  • Discoid lupus lesions

Treatment of Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia: this drug will prolong the anagen growth phase then eventually enlarge miniaturized follicles into matured terminal hair. Finasteride: this drug will inhibit the 5α reductase enzyme effectively blocking the conversion of testosterone hormone to dihydrotestosterone, and is important for those with male pattern loss of hair. Hormonal modulators: Examples are spironolactone, or oral contraceptives and can be useful to treat female pattern loss of hair. Surgical options: This may include alopecia reduction, follicle transplant, and/or scalp flaps

What is Yoga?

YogaYoga is an ancient Indian art of exercise that is executed by setting down on certain positions followed by deep concentration often known as “meditation”.It originated from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means unite.It is the only art that unites the body,mind and spirit hence performing in synchrony with each other.Persons who practice yoga are globally referred to as yogis.Noted is the heavy involvement of females in the art.However,the skillful poses are not limited to women hence can be practiced even by men and youths with an interest in it.Surprisingly,it has been fond that what people term as “blankness of mind” when practicing yoga is actually quietness achieved after the harmonization of the mind and body.

Popular Types of Yoga

1. Hatha yoga(yoga of postures)

2. Raja yoga(yoga of self-control)

3. Bhakti yoga(yoga of devotion)

4. Jnana yoga(yoga of the mind)

5. Karma yoga(yoga of service)

6. Tantra yoga(yoga of rituals)

Just like other exercises,it has real quantum benefits that act as the positive ‘side-effect” to yogis.This benefits are as a result of the wide spread of it worldwide.Special tutors get to know the not only the tidbits but attend classes aimed at enlightening them to be yoga instructors.These are the people who acts as a bridge between India’s pristine culture and us.Below are some of the top benefits that can be achieved after skillful mastering yoga to perfection.

Quantum benefits of yoga

Heightened Flexibility

Regular practice allows the body to attain flexibility by stretching muscles and exercising joints that once made remarkably slow or no movement.This unchains one from rigidness to a free flexible body.

Increases Joint Lubrication

Some positions are quite strenuous while others are not.Both perform an interrelated work of ensuring the body ligaments and tendons stretch a little bit.Moreover,from constant yoga,the body responds to the active joints by ensuring they are more lubricated for easier movements during poses.


With it comes the benefit of increased blood circulation.A smooth flow of blood ensures the body “cleanliness” after toxins are filtered out of the blood.Nevertheless,digestion is influenced since some positions affect it resulting to complete digestion.

Perfectly Toned Body

Yogis are believed to have perfect bodies which are either lean or toned.This is actually the most noticeable body change to the public eye.

Requirements for a Successful Yoga

Every art has its own tools which when used,excellence is achieved.Yoga too has its own set of requirements as listed below.

1. Mat

Though inexpensive,its advantages are handy since one is saved from any uncomfortable thing like hard surfaces.

2. Bolster

It is best when performing hard and complicated positions since it supports the spines and protects it from any pain or harm.

3. Blanket

A comfortable blanket comes in hand when breathing is involved.A clean and nice blanket can serve you best.

4. Strap

First classes are the hardest.The straps help one in maintaining a position easily and constant use will leave the body independent at last able to contain the poses.

Enroll for yoga classes and be a master yogi.

How to Choose Dog Toys

dog toysNo matter what the size and breed of your dogs will be, the essential things to keep in mind is that dogs will be so picky about the kind of toy he wants to play with. This is sometimes crucial for the pet owners. However, there are lots of dog toys to choose from. Dog toys may be in a shape of a bone, a ball toy or a plain shaped toy. It can also be made with rubber, rope and even a squeaky, rattle toy which is sometimes appealing to dogs. But in all of these, it is still important for pet owners to consider what they think and feel will be the safest dog toys for their pet.

Also consider if it will be entertaining for dogs to make sure that they are 100% well-trained and fully entertained. So it is advisable that you give your dog diverse types of dog toys and examine which among those toys he wants to play most of the time. And then if you have observed that your dog wants to try something new, give him another set of toy. Make sure that this toy will be accepted by your dog so that he will be totally entertained and will keep himself busy playing with it during the day.

For pet owners, we believe that choosing the right dog toys can be a difficult thing to consider. Just keep in mind that dogs can also be considered as your own child. Dogs also need to have the proper dog toys to play as part of pet’s growth. Throughout this period, dogs can improve and develop his ability to respond well with the people around him. Yes, any type of dog toy can be used as a great training device that you can make use for your dog.

Alternatively, all of these dog toys can also be the right material to use when the pet owner is too busy and won’t have much time to keep an eye for their dog. During the time that the dog was left alone at home, he needs the kind of tool that will keep him occupied for hours even when his master is not around. Your only responsibility is to look for the best dog toys which will also be safe for your dog to play all day long. Generally speaking, dogs love to chew so it is really important that you choose the right dog toys for your furry friend. Consider different important factors like dog toys which cannot be easily swallowed; dog toys that won’t tear apart when chewed; dog toys that will not be wrecked or cut into pieces when your pet bites it off and other simple yet significant things to learn and remember.

Therefore, you must always consider the needs of your dog especially when your time is mostly spend outside your home and this is really important whether you’re a professional pet owner or not. Just like your own child, dogs also need proper nurture and special attention. Giving him some dog toys can already play an immense contribution on developing your dog’s ability to roam just about anywhere without needing to pay your full attention and can also improve your dog’s self confidence as well.

Dog toys can also assist in avoiding behavioral problems of dogs like anxiety and stress. As soon as possible, this attitude must be prevented because it may lead to dog’s excessive barking, smashing up of all things around him, scratching the walls and chewing your pair of shoes and other unexpected problems. To prevent yourself from encountering this problem, giving your dog his most favorite dog toys can absolutely help.

So leave your worries behind! Whether you arrive home late or not, your pet dog will now have his playmate that will entertain him for the entire day. Decide which among our wide range of dog toys designs and sizes that you suppose will best match your dog’s needs!

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Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Weight-Loss-After-PregnancyRe-entering the world of health and fitness after giving birth can take some determination. Focusing on weight loss after birth requires determination and patience. As you adapt to your life with this new little one, you can also begin to balance out your own lifestyle and return to a new normal. Most dieticians and doctors encourage a sensible approach to weight loss after birth.

Sensible means to allow yourself time and to resist expecting celebrity style results. If losing the baby weight really is your goal, you will most likely achieve it.

Weight loss after birth gurus agree that fad diets or quick-fix attempts are not the best way to go. Instead, they encourage eating healthy foods and beginning to add light physical activity into your days for starters.

Also, it is widely recommended that you do focus on losing the baby weight within the first six months to a year; otherwise, statistics suggest that you will hang on to those extra pounds for years to come.

Breastfeeding does wonders for weight loss. If you choose to breastfeed and incorporate some other weight loss strategies, you’ll enjoy weight loss fairly quickly and easily. Following are some well-known weight loss after birth strategies: eat healthy foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins), listen to your body and eat when you are hungry, eat smaller and more frequent meals, grocery shop with your goal in mind so that you do not have tempting foods in your home.

In addition to healthy eating advice, reclaiming your pre-pregnancy body will also require some exercise. Think for a minute of how good this will feel physically and mentally! Physical exercise is a proven to release endorphins.

While you can’t go for a three-mile run after giving birth, you can start doing Kegel exercises, abdominal exercises, and go walking. These are typically things you can do within the first six weeks.

After those first six weeks, you can begin to follow an exercise plan that you truly enjoy; listen to your body as you re-enter the health and fitness world. It will tell you when you are doing too much. In time, you will look and feel like you again.